From Brilliant to Mediocre

I used to be special. I used to be an interesting neurotypical and now I'm an everyday autistic. I'm not original after all. All those actions. All those ways of being that marked me as an oddity. All those things that both attracted and repelled people in equal measure. All those idiosyncrasies, all my inspiration, … Continue reading From Brilliant to Mediocre

Putting the Me in Social Media

I'm not good at this. I'm putting that out there. I'm not good at social media. I'd like to blame the period I grew up in. Just before social media was huge, but not so long before, that I get a free pass from understanding it all. I love technology. I love computers. I love … Continue reading Putting the Me in Social Media

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: Hypermobility Type doesn’t really roll off the tongue…

It's Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Awareness Month. I haven't written about EDS. I haven't really thought about it that much. I haven't been as aware as I should have been. Perhaps it's because I feel like a bit of a fraud talking about it. I don't feel like it's about me. I'm ok. I'm not … Continue reading Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: Hypermobility Type doesn’t really roll off the tongue…

You shall not pass!

  I've been thinking a lot about the invisibility of autistic adults. We see a lot of focus on autistic children, and getting them to adulthood with the skills they will need. And about parents of autistic children, and what they should do, and how they can be supported. These things are important. But it … Continue reading You shall not pass!

If the world was built for me

If the world was built for me. There would be nothing wrong with me. I would be happy and safe and certain and successful. If the world was built for me, when I met people there would be no expectation of physical contact or small talk. We may ignore each other, with a socially acceptable … Continue reading If the world was built for me

Risks, Rules and Relationships

Looking back, with the illuminating force of my diagnosis, I can see a huge gap between what I thought was happening, and the reality of it all. Although the following advice is universal, it's something that needs clearly stating for young people on the spectrum. Autistic people tend towards black and white thinking. We trust … Continue reading Risks, Rules and Relationships

Parenting and Autisming

There are many articles about parenting a child with autism, but what about parenting when you're the autistic one? I've read a couple of articles that suggested that autism couldn't be an evolutionary step or a genetic trait, because autistic people don't like relationships and so wouldn't produce children. I should probably let all the … Continue reading Parenting and Autisming