Duvets and Bears

It's Monday. The sky is a wrinkled sheet of grey. The dawn chorus is chiding me for staying beneath my duvet just a little longer. Just as I brace myself for a change in texture, from brushed cotton to cold clothing, the rain starts to patter and I falter. Today I have made space to … Continue reading Duvets and Bears

Feelings ARE Thoughts

I've been thinking about thoughts and I've been thinking about feelings. For years I've wrongly categorised those two things. I've always seen them as two separate entities controlled by two different systems. I'm adjusting my thinking. 'Thoughts' is the umbrella term for the movement of ideas and actions around my head. Feelings I often associated … Continue reading Feelings ARE Thoughts

How to help an Autistic

Last year I was sent this wonderful Ted Talk to listen to. I wasn't sure of its relevance at first, but it soon became clear. Here it is, well worth a watch: Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen It got me thinking about so many of my problems, and they are all … Continue reading How to help an Autistic


I'm busy today. Really busy, but now I'm also full of words and need to let them out. It's a productive form of procrastination. This hashtag #Disabledandcute, crossed my Twitter feed. I was only popping on for a moment, just to fill the time between here and there. At first I thought "that's nice". Because … Continue reading #DisabledAndCurmudgeonly 

Truth and Beauty

  Here's a truth for you; you don't have to have experienced something for it to be true. It's a good truth. A pure truth. A worthy truth. I experience the world through my senses. I process the world through my autism. Everything I feel and hear and see is poured into me through my … Continue reading Truth and Beauty