About Rhi

Rhi began writing about autism in 2016 after receiving an autism diagnosis in her thirties. She uses her skills as a writer to share her experience of autism in new and illuminating ways, utilising a multitude of communication methods, from poetry to public speaking.

Since then she has started her own theatre company, Autact Theatre CIC, who are currently touring her play ‘The Duck: A glimpse into one autistic woman’s world’. She also delivers training workshops and talks on a range of topics surrounding autism, such as autism in women, health and wellbeing, supporting autistic people in the workplace, creativity and the value of a diagnosis.


She has a positive and practical approach to autism, as can be seen across her blog in such posts as Ten things Autism isn’t…Performing Pain: Autism and I’m not just Socially Awkward. Using her own experiences to explain the difficulties autistic people may encounter, as well as the enormous strengths autism can bring, Rhi uses her engaging, lyrical style to connect with her audience.

She has run training events for The Welsh Government Offices on hidden disabilities and employee support and produced workshops for many conferences aimed at both professionals and autistic people and their loved ones, including The Welsh Autism Conference run by ASDinfoWales, where she also featured in their training videos.

She was invited to be on a panel discussing neurodiversity at The Hay Festival in 2019. Rhi was poet in residence for the neurodivergent-led project Neither Use Nor Ornament, based at OVADA gallery in Oxford in 2019, and has performed poetry at various events including the Autism Arts Festival 2019 run by the University of Kent. 

Rhi speaking at the Hay Festival

Her award-winning play, The Duck, has been performed at theatres across the UK, as well as at the 2018 Neurodiversity Conference at Ruskin Mill and the Playing A/Part: Autistic Girls & Identities Conference 2019, where Dr Kate Fox hosted the post-show Q&A with Rhi. You can watch the post show discussion here.

Duck and labels.JPG
Lucy Theobald as The Duck

Rhi lives in the wilds of Wales with her husband, their five children, and two dogs. She has experience working with autistic teenagers in a mainstream school setting as well as working as a mentor and advocate with autistic adults. She has appeared as a guest on several podcasts. Rhi also co-hosts and edits the Autistic Health and Wellbeing website with Florence Neville, which was inspired by Flo’s Master’s Research project looking into how autistic adults may use their interests to improve their own health and wellbeing. It provides a platform for autistic adults to share the strategies that they have found useful.

“Although I had previously read up on autism, I learnt so much more from hearing Rhi speak and explain her perspective… such an interesting and informative presentation”

“I found the talk an absolute eye-opener and really, really well delivered.”

“I found the event really interesting and thought-provoking and I learnt a lot.”

“The Autistic Guide to Creativity workshop was moving and wonderful.”

“A masterclass in intimate, inclusive storytelling” Sarah Walden, about The Duck

Bravo – You spoke my life out loud. At a few points I just wanted to cry in feeling understood. Thank you, thank you, thank you. BRAVO!

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