41 thoughts on “The Autistic 

      1. I love it! I know how weird it is to hear yourself recorded though. I hate the sound of my voice. To me you sound self-assured and comfortable, although I’m sure there is a lot more going on for you!

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  1. So surprised to see you, I had a mental block, as usual when seeing people for the first time, and I ran away, as usual…
    I’ll return…
    Sorry Rhi, it’s just me…

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    1. Don’t worry at all. It’s always a shock to the system, people rarely “match” the picture we all build.

      Adjustment is necessary and a part of the neurotype 😊 take your time.

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        1. Absolutely! Being able to say “I feel like this, and that’s ok” is a huge step forwards. You’re not hurting anyone. The only time people get hurt is when they misunderstand your reactions.

          We just need time to adjust. That’s all.

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  2. Hi Rhi,
    So I saw this video of woman telling a story, and I knéw that story.
    Better still, I remembered it was yóur poem, the one I like so much … and I was thinking ‘someone’ must have liked it as much as I did, read it out loud, caught it on camera and then sent it to yóu.
    I figured YOU posted it on your blog because, like me, you liked the way your work was performed.

    You still with me? 😉

    I wonder if you, or anyone else who may read all the comments, can relate to the following. (from an autistics’ point of view, I mean).

    The moment I read something I can relate to, or connect with, I see the face of the writer in front of me – I figure my brain does this so I can make a distinction between the many bloggers.
    And – as usual – my brain showed me an entirely different image of you than the ‘you’ I just saw for real …. so I had no clúe I was looking at yóu. 😉
    Only when I scrolled up again to hear the video a second time I noticed your topic-line.

    I’ve got to get used to the réal face 😉 (which will not be hard to do at all, methinks), but I do NOT have to get used to your voice, cuz my brain picked that up perfectly from the beginning.. (the way you pronounce évery letter of évery word is one of the many reasons I love your language so much!)

    It’s an honor and a pleasure to ‘meet’ you, Rhi, thank you so much for trusting us all enough to post this video. 😉 🙂 (got to memorize that last sentence cuz, like your blogs do, it gives me hope that one fine day I’ll get to that stage as well)

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    1. Yes! I do this all the time. I have an image of everyone I interact with online, and it’s always a surprise when people don’t “match” it.

      I knew when I posted it that I wouldn’t match everyone’s image of me. It’s always an adjustment when things don’t fit 😊

      I love that you anticipated my voice! That’s so lovely.

      It’s a good and expressive face, this face of mine. I should know, from years of practicing expressions in the mirror 😄


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      1. It is so easy to become isolated by autism when the people you encounter are so removed from our world, many of them deny autism even exists. Sometimes you can get the sense that you only exist in your own mind, somehow. It is a profoundly valuable thing to feel a connection between yourself and the world, and this piece is like a tether, a harbor, a haven.

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        1. Absolutely! Even when I’m surrounded by people I can be very aware that I’m alone in my neurotype. Connections are just as important for us. We need that belonging, but we are fewer and further between.

          The online world can be a real lifeline.

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