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Welcome to AutistRhi.com, I’m Rhi and in 2015 I finally got to the end of a thirty-five year journey, when I got my official diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. With that crinkled sheet of paper in hand, I found myself at the beginning of a whole new journey of understanding and acceptance.

I’ve got something that I think everyone in this world wants in some way, an answer for why I feel different. The price of that answer is that I’m never going to feel un-different. The best I can strive for is indifferent to the differences, and that is a worthy thing to have. My diagnosis makes me normal. It makes me a part of something bigger. I want to share where I am, who I am, and why that’s important.

Lucy Theobald performing The Duck

I started this blog in 2016 and since then I’ve written and toured my play, The Duck – which you can find out all about at Autact.co.uk, I’ve performed my poetry, I’ve spoken at conferences and training days, I’ve run workshops, I’ve worked as a mentor and advocate for other autistic adults. It’s been a privilege to learn and share and learn some more. You can download a reading of my play – read by me – from Autact.co.uk/audio.

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You can follow me on Twitter at @Outfoxgloved where I share things about autism and general ponderings, I’m also on Facebook as AutistRhi and if you just like nice pictures of my garden and things I’ve come across throughout my day, you can follow my non-autism-related Instagram at @Rhi_lw. To get in touch or to make a booking click here.

I do like my rules and so I’m going to share the rules of my work with you:-

Rhi performing poetry at the Autism Arts Festival 2019

1. First rule is that I talk about how I work and why, so that people can gain a better understanding of how autism can affect autistic people very differently, but often has the same roots and motivations going on behind the scenes. Once you know why someone is doing something it becomes understandable – even the seemingly strange can have a simple explanation which helps us accept each others’ differences.

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2. Second rule is that just because I do it differently, it doesn’t mean that my way of doing things is the wrong way. This world is so much better when we all work to our strengths and support each others’ weaknesses. 

Rhi on Instagram

3. Third rule is that I share my experiences to help explain things but that doesn’t mean all my experiences are shared by every autistic person. Just as non-autistic people are all incredibly different, so are autistic people. That’s why it’s so important to listen to each other on an individual basis.

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Thank you again for reading, following, supporting, sharing and joining me on this journey. I have learnt more from all my followers than I could ever have hoped to discover alone. You have my eternal gratitude.

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