Autistic Voices: An Echo

I've been reading. That's not news really. I'm always reading. I used to read voraciously and quickly, but ten years ago I changed my style. Why would I rush through words that I love, when I can pause and savour them? Where's the logic in that. Sometimes my autism makes me repeat lines over and … Continue reading Autistic Voices: An Echo

International Women’s Day

It's International Women's Day, and I haven't done anything to prepare for it. I haven't made any wishes or baked a cake... there's a chance I don't know the etiquette. Perhaps instead I shall talk about autistic women and celebrate them. I'll begin with one of the reasons I started this blog (mainly so you'll … Continue reading International Women’s Day

Overcoming autism?

  I often read this narrative online, "So-and-so overcame their autism and succeeded at something." It makes me feel uncomfortable. It makes me worry that one day someone might say, "Rhi overcame her autism to write", which would be to fundamentally misunderstand both me and my autism. One of the positives of autism can be … Continue reading Overcoming autism?

Neurotypical Awareness

Being diagnosed late in life has meant that I've needed to learn a lot about a new subject that I didn't know applied to me. I've read personal accounts written by autistic people, I've read research papers, I've looked into coping mechanisms - and mostly found that I've built my own solutions over the years … Continue reading Neurotypical Awareness

Hiding or Ignored?

There have been a few articles of late about the under-diagnosis of women with autism. I've spent a lot of time nodding along. After-all, I'm late-diagnosed. I was raised with no acknowledgement of my sensory and processing issues. I'm one of the lost generations, lucky enough to be found. But sometimes the rhetoric behind it … Continue reading Hiding or Ignored?

Post-diagnosis support: The real and the invisible.

I'm feeling a bit unsupported. I don't think that's anyone's fault as such. Certainly no one I can point at, it's more of a vague fist-shake in a general direction. Funding is always at fault though, so the lack of government funding has directly affected my journey. We can start that at the 18 month … Continue reading Post-diagnosis support: The real and the invisible.